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I like to think that I’m one of the lucky people that have been chosen by their vocation, not the other way around. I was born in Belgium to Spanish parents, so I had to develop the ability to switch between French and Spanish smoothly from a very young age and became aware of the benefits of polyglotism in both my personal and academic life.

I also had the opportunity to experience life as a nomad, living in France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines. During those years, I discovered how mastering multiple languages improves perception, listening and social skills, breaking down cultural barriers. 

I first had the opportunity to teach in the Philippines —and after getting over the fear of the unknown, I decided that teaching others is the career path I was meant to pursue. After that, I worked as a teacher in several private and public institutions and perfected my skills through accredited courses for French and Spanish teachers, such as a Master’s Degree in Teaching French as a Foreign and Second Language, the Accreditation Courses for DELE Examiners, and courses in teaching pronunciation and corrective phonetics (if you are curious, you can check my CV by clicking here). I strongly believe there’s always room for growth and improvement; therefore, I constantly seek to become better at what I do. In my opinion, a great teacher never stops being a student.

In 2017, after living in the Philippines for three years, I came back to Spain and decided to have a go at teaching French and Spanish online. I had already been an online student before (I currently take English and Italian classes), but this new experience opened up a whole new world to me as a teacher in which I found a safe but also challenging and fun place to work.

My goal is to connect with my students on a deeper level and show them how wonderful and enlightening it is to be able to speak multiple languages like a pro, regardless of motivation. I believe in the power of immersion-based methods; even if you’re not ready to book a one-way ticket to a Spanish or French-speaking country (yet), we can replicate the conditions online. In me, you’ll find not only a teacher but also a considerate friend, determined to help you succeed in anything that you set your mind to.


OK, now get to know me even better. Here’s some fun facts about me:

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