Why enroll in the General Spanish classes:

If you’re on this page, you probably already know that Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world, and its popularity keeps going up! Moreover, it’s one of the most whimsical and easy to learn languages.

This module was made for you if:


Why enroll in the Spanish for DELE Exams classes?

If you’ve decided to take a DELE exam, it means you have big plans – and having a diploma that recognizes your Spanish competency is a big plus. During our classes, I will ensure you’re fully prepared to ace all the sections of the DELE exam, with tips and tricks included.

Depending on your needs and challenges, we can focus on all the skills tested by the exam (reading, writing, listening, speaking, and interacting) or on some of them only. After each class, you will receive exercises to consolidate your newly-acquired knowledge.


Why enroll in the Spanish Conversation course?

While studying grammar and written language is of high importance, the most effective learning takes place when you practice what you’ve learned on paper. If you haven’t got the opportunity to put your Spanish speaking skills to work in your daily life, you may not feel confident enough to interact with natives at work or during leisure travels – which is a very common challenge for polyglots everywhere.

This course is meant to offer you a safe space to speak freely and relaxed with a native, and receive detailed corrections and explanations at the appropriate time.

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