Student Testimonials

David, United States

General Spanish and General French Classes

Isabel-Practically Perfect

I have been taking Spanish and French lessons from Isabel since 2019. I started Spanish with no prior knowledge and French with a beginner’s level. I have enjoyed learning these languages so much that in the future I plan to study other languages as well.

Isabel has been the perfect guide for introducing me to French and Spanish. She is a lovely person and an extraordinary teacher.

She is patient and supportive. I am quite comfortable making mistakes in our classes. I appreciate how she always waits for me to complete an idea before giving guidance. Her explanations are clear and detailed. At one point, I had great difficulty distinguishing between two French vowels sounds (/u/ and /y/) and she was able to explain the differences in enough detail that I could feel and understand the difference with just a bit more practice.

Isabel is organized and professional. She is always on time. She plans every class, so the lessons are always productive, even if I have not been able to do much work. However, she is also flexible and incorporates my interests and specific requests into the lessons. For example, we have included science articles, YouTube clips, and books that I am reading in the lessons. I have really enjoyed reading and discussing The Little Prince with her.

Isabel’s dedication is a great gift. She is serious about her students’ success and makes the learning process a partnership. I always feel motivated after our lessons.

Sarah, United Kingdom

General French Classes

Isabel is a fantastic French teacher. Like many people with busy jobs, I never have enough time to study - but thanks to her tailored and well planned lessons, thoughtful approach and patient, supportive attitude, I've still been able to improve my level, gain the confidence to speak French to strangers, and get through daily life in a francophone city.

In particular, I really appreciate Isabel's wealth of materials on just about every subject and her ability to disguise a thorough lesson on the subjunctive as a casual chat about your favourite topic - that must count as a superpower!

Overall, I consider Isabel to be an excellent, engaging and top quality teacher, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone considering learning a language!

Kacem, Switzerland

General French and French for DELF Exams Classes

What I liked most about Isabel's teaching was her ability to analyze my personal level and point out to me the parts on which we need to focus more in order to achieve my goal. Most language teachers have standardized lessons that they apply to all students, which makes these teachers like a boring grammar book. But Isabel was able to know exactly what my weak points are and therefore was able to put together a series of lessons responding to my specific needs.

After each course I have some homework to do, Isabel corrects the homework in her spare time, points out recurring mistakes, upload them to our shared on a cloud, so I can check them before our next lesson starts and discuss them with her during the lesson. This was really helpful!

Her teaching style is fun, creative and well themed, and with each lesson you can be sure that you learn new things and you keep looking forward to the next. In short: It never gets boring and Isabel knows how to make you love learning French. At the end of our course I was able to pass my DELF B2 with a final grade of 80/100. Without Isabel's patience and constant support I would never have achieved my goal.

Meanwhile, I have on my cloud all the lessons, corrected homework, audio material and all the notes and vocabulary lists of the lessons (whenever I learn a new word or expression during the lesson, Isabel adds it to the list) and the grammar explanations which I always keep going back to refresh my French whenever I need to.

I cannot thank Isabel enough.

Pedro, Spain

General French Classes

When I decided to move to France, I needed to learn the language in a personalised way while I continued my usual job. That's why I decided to hire an online teacher, and I confess that I would do it again without hesitation. With Isabel, I was able to learn how to do well in French in just a few months by doing 1 or 2 lessons a week. What's more, she teaches pleasantly, and you learn almost effortlessly, nothing like face-to-face language courses.

I also thank her for her friendly way of working and her help in making me understand most of the paperwork and steps I would have to take when moving to France. I noticed that she prepared the lessons well.

In brief, highly recommendable.

Alexandre, Brazil

General French Classes

I like our online French classes because it's easy, you can study at home, at the best time, it's affordable, and Isabel is always on time. If we have problems, communication is fast. Isabel is always friendly, organised and she offers a variety of situations for better learning.

I have the opportunity to move to France or Belgium for work. Thanks to Isabel, who shows examples and real situations, the courses help me a lot to know what these two countries are like and this will help me in my decision.

At a personal level, I enjoy speaking other languages. I speak Portuguese (native), Spanish, English, and now I'm learning French. Isabel helps a lot in various situations of daily life; a knowledge that makes a big difference. Professionally, the French language offers a new world of books available for my improvement.

Jeremy, United Kingdom

French for DELF Exams and Spanish Conversation Classes

Isabel is a positive, patient and excellent teacher who makes classes fit your needs. She is someone who makes classes fun and engaging to allow you to make progress. I’ve taken French and Spanish lessons and both extremely enjoyable. Also, by doing the courses online, I save a lot of time not having to travel and also I can do the classes remotely. The flexibility is a big draw.

I am beginning to think more about how I engage with the French language and I’ve improved in many areas but I can also see where I need to make further progress, especially outside of the online classes. In Paris I am more confident in speaking socially but also when dealing with bureaucracy which can be the most daunting but I am able to do things myself rather than rely others.

The DELF exam holds no fears as Isabel has been great at clearly laying out the process as well as working in a manner that introduces each section before bringing them together to leave you positive and confident ahead of the exam.

The classes are to a high standard or professionalism, in particular, letting you speak before discussing mistakes or errors. This helps allow you to improve flow in speaking and then making you aware of where you can improve.

In terms of the personal touch, it often feels like a class with a friend with the professional touch which makes the classes something I always look forward to.

Natsuki, Japan

General French and French Conversation Classes

First of all, she is very friendly and patient. Secondly, her classes are helping me to reach the level of French that I need now. She accepts my opinion on what I like to learn. For example, how I can overcome my problems and what my weaknesses are. She provides me with abundant and valuable lessons. Finally, I have a feeling of well-being with our classes.

I needed a B2 level on the TEFaQ for immigration. The speaking section was a big problem for me. She was not a TEFaQ specialist because the TEFaQ is mainly for immigrating to Canada. It was her expertise in DELF that led to me achieving the B2 objective by using her concrete practice methods, strategies, specific formulations and more advanced vocabulary.

For me, this course allows the acquisition of the skills I need. Classes are flexible and organised according to the type of French I wish to learn at present, such as the skills required for the test or the more natural French used in everyday life. It offers varied, practical and effective learning programmes.

Paul, United Kingdom

French Conversation Classes

I have been learning and practicing French with Isabel for the last 2 years and can honestly say that under her wing, I have had the best results of my language learning journey.

Isabel’s approachable, friendly yet well-structured teaching style has allowed me to learn and practice French without it ever feeling like a chore. Not only is she patient and encouraging, she provides interesting and current learning resources that make our lessons amusing, educational and informative. Aside from being a skilled teacher, I believe one of the keys to Isabel’s success is her sophisticated use of digital resources that has allowed her to adapt to my needs and lifestyle.

My language journey is not over yet and I will gladly stick with Isabel to reach my goals.

Gerhard, Switzerland

General French Classes

With Isabel, learning a language is fun and you make great progress because she responds individually to the student, is a good teacher and uses the latest IT tools.

Richard, United Kingdom

General Spanish Classes

What I appreciate the most about learning with Isabel is how she makes the lessons interesting through the use of games and activities. This approach creates a safe environment where the pupil feels at ease to practice speaking and listening while benefiting from being corrected with what seems to be endless patience and good nature.

This practice is crucial for consolidating the learning points gained from her structured lessons in grammar, transferring the theoretical knowledge used for reading and writing into the working knowledge that is essential if one is hoping to attain conversational proficiency, in my view the biggest challenge for most language students trying to learn a new language.

Her lessons have been invaluable in improving my Spanish, which I regularly use for both vacation and business trips to Spain, and has stood me in good stead with my Iberian colleagues.

¡Muchas Gracias Isabel!

Stephen, Ireland

General French Classes

I have experience with numerous language tutors in both online and offline environments. French with Isabel ranks without question at the top of that list. As a teacher Isabel is professional, patient, organised, attentive, and friendly. The classes are always well structured and flow both naturally and effortlessly. During our first lesson I set out my objectives for the course. Isabel tailors each class to my needs and interests, and is also very accommodating when I have any specific requests.

Each class is packed with interesting material and exercises. I like that the activities are a challenge and push me out of my comfort zone, I feel this really helps me to boost my level in French. She is regularly checking in to see if I have understood a particular grammar point etc. and is more than happy to provide more clarity and examples if needed.

Carlos, Spain

General French Classes

When I started the classes with Isabel, I was looking for an online course that I could combine with my work. What I was looking for most was a well-structured course that would give me a solid foundation and would make me work while having fun at the same time. After a year, I am still very happy with this course, which took me from a beginner's level to being able to practice the language in my daily life in Luxembourg.

Classes with Isabel first helped me to have a good foundation and secondly to feel sufficiently prepared and confident to use French in my daily life. We continue to work towards an advanced level, but I already use the language with my French roommates, at work, in restaurants, in the supermarket...

This course has been essential for my career, because without French, I would not have been where I am now. Thanks to classes with Isabel, today I have French friends and a new working language that has helped me improve my professional prospects at a European level.

Bárbara, Portugal

French Conversation Classes

I decided to take online French classes with Isabel to perfect my oral expression before the start of a new professional challenge in the field of medicine, in Belgium.

I am really satisfied with her classes, which are always very personalized. I also underline her competence and kindness. As an example, I notice the following aspects: transmitted knowledge concerning the particularities of the Belgian culture, including specificities of the French language in Belgium; speaking practice by simulating professional contexts adapted to my professional situation.

I highly recommend her French classes.

João, Portugal

French Conversation Classes

Before the start of a new professional challenge in Belgium, I was able to take French classes with Isabel, and I notice how they helped me to improve my oral expression. In addition, Isabel provided very well organized and creative classes to simulate situations in my professional life.

I recommend her classes to all those who wish to start learning French or who wish to perfect it, especially through more intuitive methods. I assure you that you will have results both on a theoretical and practical level.

Nick, United Kingdom

General French Classes

I really enjoy how Isabel plans and conducts our lessons, she is always extremely prepared and has interesting and useful content for them. She is also really flexible to my french learning needs, and has adapted lessons based on what I have said, whilst suggesting topics that she thinks I should focus on. Isabel manages to make lessons via Skype/Zoom very engaging, which is no easy feat!

The homework that Isabel gives is engrossing and has enabled me to develop my reading and listening skills away after the lesson has finished - Isabel is adaptable to my needs and provides homework to fit around the 'tempo' of the rest of my life. She is also extremely flexible in timings of lessons, even if I have had to cancel at the last minute, and suggests alternative times when her diary has freed up! Overall, she has really helped my french develop to a B1 level, and I plan to continue on the trajectory towards B2/C1 with her.

This course has helped me a lot in my life in Belgium. I can now have coherent conversations with French speakers, something which was a struggle before I started with Isabel. Whilst it sounds rather simplistic, the ability to arrange doctor's appointments in French is something I can now do, and only since starting the course with Isabel can I do this. Beyond this, having conversations with other people around Belgium is something I have only been able to do since starting this course. Thank you Isabel!

The course brings a number of different benefits at a personal and professional level; the first for me is the personal pride of seeing improvement in my language skills. I have been having lessons with Isabel for nearly a year and half now and I've seen my progression 'take off'. I have also started to think in French much more frequently recently, sometimes even confusing English and French when writing or speaking (a very weird experience), which both Isabel and I agreed is a good sign of language learning. I have had limited chances to use my French language skills in a professional environment, however I may plan on staying in a Francophone country, in which case my new French skills will be extremely useful

Overall, I consider Isabel to be an excellent, engaging and top quality teacher, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone considering learning a language!

Iraide, Spain

French for DELF Exams

I clearly remember Isabel's practical and neatly organised lessons. I wanted to pass the DELF exam at a B2 level, and she was there to help me boost both my writing and speaking skills in record time. I would not have met my goal without her help.

Kristi, United States

French Conversation Classes

I have been practicing French conversation with Isabel for more than two years and can’t say enough good things about the experience. Isabel is always very professional, but she also appreciates that language learning happens best when it is fun and engaging. You can choose topics you want to discuss, or, if you prefer, she will suggest something that is tailored to your interests and abilities.

Isabel certainly knows her subject, but for me what sets her apart is her ability as a conversationalist. She is great at striking a balance between guiding the conversation and allowing it to develop naturally. She provides corrections and suggestions in a way that doesn’t interrupt the flow of the conversation.

If you are looking for an enjoyable way to improve your language skills, conversation practice at Isalingua is an ideal choice.

Nadine, Switzerland

General French Classes

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